Hópvinna í meðferðarstarfi félagsráðgjafa, iðjuþjálfa og sálfræðinga

Hervör Alma Árnadóttir, Aníta Kristjánsdóttir


There is a long tradition for group work within the social services. This applies to social work as well. In recent year’s researchers in the field have shown concern about the status of group work. Research has demonstrated that its deployment is much less than could be expected in terms of the benefits group work practice involves. Research has also shown that group work is to a degree neglected in the education of social service professionals. In this paper we present the results of our research into the training and deployment of group work among social workers, occupational therapists, and psychologists. The aim is to explore the use of group work and knowledge about its methods among professionals that work in disciplines dealing with therapy and social support. Data for the research was collected from social workers, occupational therapists, and phycologists. The research approach was quantitative and the participants responded to an e-mail survey. Results show that in general these professional groups are using group work to a varying degree. Occupational therapists were most likely to use group work in their practice but social workers the least. From their responses it is obvious that there was a difference in how much training participants perceive they have had in the methods of group work during the course of their studies. There was, however, not a correlation between the amount of training they had and whether they used the technique or not. Occupational therapists perceive they have had the most training in group work techniques and psychologists the least. We believe that our conclusions show that social workers could use group work to a greater extent in their professional work and that there is a clear need for better education and training in group work techniques for professionals working in social practice.


Key words: group work, education, social work.


group work; education; social work




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